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Monday, May 19, 2008

I Smell Summer

22 Days, 2 Hours, 15 Minutes, and 33 Seconds. This is officially the amount of time I have until the last day of school. Am I?? Excited...maybe. Terrified...a little. Stressed out...definitely!

Summer Break is one of those things I always have mixed emotions about. I love the thought of having no where to be, wearing flip flops and not having to give baths until the night before church. I love going to the beach with the kids, and being able to make dinner as late as I want. No one complaining about a lost back-pack or that they don't want turkey sandwiches in their lunch box again will be a welcome reprieve. I will be able to sleep in a little. And best of all I won't be driving all over creation. They say gas prices are supposed to get even worse this summer, but for me, my gas cost should practically disappear.

On the other hand, the thought of having to keep five crazy kids occupied all summer long makes me feel completely inadequate. It is almost like summer vacation is the final exam of being a stay at home mom. I break out in a sweat just thinking of how many times I'm going to hear..."I"m telling on you." I have nightmares about how much more mess there will be to clean up. I cringe at the thought of rainy days. And I practically tear up at the thought of hearing the dreaded words... "I'm bored mom." AHHHHH!!!!!!

I want to be ready this year. I want this summer to be organized and fun. I want to feel like I have control. I want the kids to be happy and I want to be happy. So... I am doing some research. I love the internet! Free ideas are just a click away... So far, It looks like I need to start with my house. I need to get some organizing and cleaning done so I can finally feel all moved in. (We still have boxes tucked in corners of practically every room). I will keep everyone posted on my progress. After all, I only have 22 Days, 1 Hours 45 Minutes, and 15 Seconds until chaos ensues.

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Tina said...

Good luck with everything. I love summer and I hate summer for the same reasons. I miss sleeping and not feeling guilty while Rachel is at school. lol