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Monday, February 12, 2007

Kim had her baby

Yeah!! My sister Kim had her baby yesterday, February 11th. She delivered Dana Marie by C-section at 11:57 in the morning. She shares a birthday with my niece Claire (Cyndi and Ben's daughter) who turned 4 yesterday...so fun! She weighed 8lbs 7.7 oz and has tons of hair! She also has Kim's cute little chin dimple. I am so happy for Kim and Marshall. I have a few pictures of their baby I thought I would post. Enjoy!


jenny said...

Thanks so much for posting those pictures! Why did she have to have a c-section? Poor kid! I hope everything is ok with her!

Carri and Steve said...

Pass on that we think she is adorable and can't wait to come see her--much as we came over to see Audrey and the rest of the clan.

Love you guys!

Lars and Heather Rundquist said...

Congratulations to the new Mom and Dad!