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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Long Time No Blog...

It seems like it has been forever since I last blogged. Almost a month to be exact. It has been a very busy month.

After Christmas I focused on Kimberly's baby shower(January 13th). It turned out so nice. Cyndi, my mom and I worked very hard and I think it was one of the coolest baby shower's I have ever been to. We made the theme "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice That's What Little Girls Are Made Of." We had a color theme of Brown and Pink. We got pink and brown balloons and put them all over the place. We made the neatest banner that said "Sugar and Spice." We had each letter hanging by ribbon and the letters were all pink and sparkly with pink glitter. We had more food than you can imagine. My favorite was the cupcakes we did and the chocolate fountain. We made chocolate cupcakes with homemade white chocolate frosting that we colored pink and then we put dark chocolate shavings on top...so cute.
We also did some neat games. We did a Kym Trivia game, where everyone got to know Kym a little better (mostly questions about when she was a baby). Then I made a DVD where I had baby pictures of celebrities. I used a mix of older stars like Audrey Hepburn and more modern stars like Julia Roberts then everyone had to guess who the baby was. At the end I played the DVD where I had pictures of what the stars looked like now...It was really cute. Everyone loved it! Kimberly got more presents than you can imagine, so I think all in all it was a success. Kimberly is due on the 8th of February...which is really soon!!!!!!! I can't wait.

This past weekend Jeff's dad came to visit, which was nice. He hadn't been up to our house since early fall. Jeff and I were able to go on a date, which was really needed. On Sunday I had to talk in sacrament meeting...argh. I don't mind writing and preparing for talks it's the presenting them that makes me ill. I think it went pretty well, though.
Since Sunday life has been terrible. We have desperately sick kids. Dallin started throwing up Monday night and is just now starting to feel better. I have washed sheets and blankets every second of the day. My whole house smells like a toilet...yeah. Elizabeth started last night and she woke up this morning with a fever of 104. I think the fever was making her delirious, she woke up begging me to help her find the "spilled milk" and she kept insisting she heard ghosts talking to her. (kind of creepy). I've got her fever down to 101 now, but she is pretty miserable. I have not slept in 36 hours, and I'm pretty sure I'll be throwing up by tomorrow.
Other than that life is pretty ordinary. I guess we'll see what next week brings.

One of these days I'll post some new pictures of my kids until then...if you click on the title of this blog it will take you to my brother-in-law's family photo site. He has some photos posted (Kym actually took all the pictures) from Christmas of all of our kids.


cyndi said...

We are all finally getting over sickness at my house. I was the only to get the stomach flu, but the rest got a bad cough.

Poor Elizabeth. I hate dealing with kids when they have the stomach flu. I always have to clean up after them, because Ben has such a weak stomach.

jenny said...

Oh, no! i totally couldn't handle it right now if we got the stomach bug. I am sick enough as it is. Kym's shower sounds totally cute! I wish you could throw me one!!! I love the whole brown and pink thing. One more week and we will know if it is a pink baby or a blue baby! I hope all goes well with her!