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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back To School

Anna's first day of school was yesterday. Third Grade...I can't blieve it! She was so excited. She really liked her teacher and said that it was a great day. She is in all the advanced classes this year so we are really proud of her. She had a hard time in reading last year, but has improved so much.

I had some good news yesterday. Elizabeth got into the pre-K program at the elementary school. We had been waiting to hear all summer. And at one point we were told she would NOT be getting in. So it was a great surprise yesterday to find out she will be starting today. I have to drive her to school but she will be riding the bus home with Anna. She is beside herself. When we found out yesterday I took her to get a back pack and a new outfit. She picked a dress to wear and a Disney Princess backpack, of course, because she is the queen of girly things.

I have to say that I am a little nervous about all this. I can't imagine a four year old at school without me or riding a bus, (at least Anna will be on it with her). She will be going half a day every day of the week. It will be so strange to just have Dallin and Audrey home with me. Dallin has never had time with just me, I think it will be wonderful for him.

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jenny said...

I am so glad she got in!!! I know you were disappointed when you found out at first that she wasn't. But this will be a great time for you and Dallin to spend some time alone together. Hilton asks all day where Caroline is. But I tell you, it is nice to not have 2 fighting children home all day. When Caroline gets home, they get along a lot better!